Cleveland Recording Studios

Cleveland Recording Studios
More Than A Cleveland Recording Studio, Thoughtfully Engineered Recordings That Capture Your Performance At It’s Best!

Recording studios are by definition performance spaces, and the studio’s acoustics impart a unique Sonic Aesthetic into your recordings. Whether you are looking to produce a record in a unique & inspiring space with our mobile recording studio services, record a live concert performance, recording classical music on location, or work on a project in a purpose built recording studio, let’s work together to translate your music to the recorded medium.

Recording Studio Services

Music Production

Before starting the recording process, let’s discuss the direction to go in; Will it be big & gritty, fat and dry, or open & true to life? Let’s work together to push your performances and shape your sound at the source. A music producer’s job is to translate your music’s energy to the recorded medium.

Specializing in mobile recording, we bring the full recording studio experience on location using high end equipment specifically designed for recording on location. Record your music in an inspiring location that’s acoustics impart a unique sonic aesthetic into your music.

Music Recording

The art of recording music is about capturing performances where each instrument sits together in an organic way putting the listener into the performance space. Each choice from mic type & positioning, to tonal & dynamic choices, saturation, & more adds up to shape the sound of your recordings

Music Mixing

Mixing is where the magic happens; Bringing your recordings dimension, depth, character, and vibe. Let’s dial in the perfect tones for drums, bass, guitar, & vocals; Crafting a sonic aesthetic that transports the listener to another time & place.

Ready To Craft Your Music’s Sonic Aesthetic?
Ready To Craft Your Music’s Sonic Aesthetic?

Creating Recordings With A Sonic Aesthetic

Music Production Craft A Sonic Aesthetic

Every band has a distinct sound. I love working with musicians to draw that out and highlight what makes them unique. Starting by getting to know you and your music informs every decision down the line: from music production workflow, to the sound of the recording room we choose, microphone techniques, EQ, compression, distortion, and much more….each small choice made when tracking adds up to a major impact on the final sonic aesthetic.

It all starts at the source; the performer & their instruments; Working together we can shape your tones to not only sound amazing, but work together in the context of the other instruments. Let’s tune up the drums, tweak your amp & pedal settings, and get the sound at the source; Then capture your performance at it’s best.

  1. Wannabe Mild Animals 2:32
  2. Young Again Two Hand Fools 2:10
  3. Digital Waterslide Bummed Out 3:30
  4. Sick of the Hype The Cordial Sins 2:21
  5. Sick & Tired Bummers 3:15
  6. Shove Matt Moody 4:18
  7. Bernie Sweepyheads 4:16
  8. Wishing (You) Well Born Without Bones 3:24
  9. Westside Summer Signals Midwest 2:48
  10. Red Leather Yellow Leather Who Hit Me 5:12
  11. Falling To The Rhythm A Work Of Fiction 5:16
  12. Camp Vacation Same 2:46

What Difference Does A Recording Studio Make?

Recording studios by definition are performance spaces, but they go well beyond that. What recording studio you choose fundamentally changes the sound of the recordings. The unique characteristics of each recording room imparts its distinctive sound into the recordings, and even shapes the performances of the musicians themselves.

This especially holds true for drum recordings, but can apply to any instrument (especially when using room mics). Room acoustics can vary a lot, from lively & reverberant to dry & dead, bright to dark, and large to small; Ultimately it comes down to choosing the right room to get the desired sound for your album.

As an alternative to traditional purpose built recording studios, I offer a completely mobile recording studio, let’s choose the right recording space that not only provides the right sonic space for your recordings, but is also an inspiring place to perform in. From purpose built recording studios, to churches, theaters, log cabins, or concert clubs …the possibilities are endless!

Cleveland Recording Studio
Get Started Booking A Recording Session!
Get Started Booking A Recording Session!

Cleveland Music Producer – Henri Rapp

Music Producer Henri Rapp

Hi, I’m Henri Rapp and I am a Cleveland based music producer and recording studio engineer who specializes in recording on location. I’ve been recording and producing music and working as a sound recordist for TV & Film for more than 14 years. As a Music Producer I believe every great recording starts at the source, the musicians, and their creative vision; It’s my job to help translate that vision into the recorded medium.

Recordings are in essence captured performances; And to me, what characterizes a great recording is authenticity and emotional impact. Listening should transport you to a different time and place, drawing the listener in and establishing a lasting connection with them.

Let’s work together to craft the beautiful sounding recordings that captures your performances true energy. Having a unique Sonic Aesthetic that supports your music and the lyrical narrative is an essential part of what makes recordings memorable. Great sounding recorded music doesn’t happen by accident; Your recordings will be thoughtfully engineered to deliver your performance at its best. Let me worry about the technical so you can focus on performing!

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Ready To Craft Your Music’s Sonic Aesthetic?