Classical Music Recording Services

More Than A Classical Recording Studio, Thoughtfully Engineered Recordings That Capture Your Performance At It’s Best!

Henri Rapp Recording provides exceptional quality classical music recording services. Recording classical music requires a very different approach compared to other musical genres. The sound of classical music largely comes down to the interaction between the performer, the instrument, the space in which it’s recorded, the recording techniques, and the quality of the equipment used. Capturing the right Sonic Aesthetic for recorded classical music is all about embracing the performance space, and having high end recording equipment capable of capturing the large dynamic range and harmonic complexity inherent in the genre. Whether you are are professional musician or composer looking to record with an ensemble, record a concert performance, or a student that needs an audition video, let’s have a conversation about your project!

Recording Classical Music On Location

Since the performance space is such a large component in the sound of classical music, choosing the right recording environment is imperative. Traditional recording studios however don’t offer ideal acoustics for the genre, so the obvious choice becomes recording classical music on location. Having years of experience recording music, recording sound for TV & film, and as the location sound recordist for season 3 of PBS’s Now Hear This (Part of Great Performances), I’m uniquely experienced and equipped to do high end classical recording on location.

24+ Channels On Location

Working with high end equipment designed for recording on location, we can record 24+ channels on location with quality preamps and microphones from the likes of Schoeps, DPA, Sennheiser, AKG, Neumann, & more. Expanding with Dante, we can even record up to 32 channels simultaneously.

5+ Headphone Mixes

The ability to monitoring what’s being recorded for the music producer, conductor, or other key people involved in the session is invaluable. Monitoring can share a common stereo mix, or we can provide more than five custom cue mixes via Dante based headphone amps.

Built for Working on Location

Our equipment is specifically designed for doing high quality recordings on location. This means we can record literally anywhere…..even if there isn’t AC power available. Keeping all of our equipment built around carts and cases with wheels, makes load in and setup quicker so we can spend more time recording.

Book Your Classical Music Recording Session Now!
Book Your Classical Music Recording Session Now!

Henri Rapp – Classical Recording Engineer

Classical Recording Engineer

Hi, I’m Henri Rapp and I am a classical recording engineer that specializes in providing a mobile recording studio service. I’ve been recording and producing music for more than 14 years. As a recording engineer, I believe every great recording starts at the source, the performers, and their instruments; It’s my job to help them translate their performance into the recorded medium.

Recordings are in essence captured performances and what characterizes a great recording is authenticity and emotional impact. Listening should be an immersive experience that transports you to another place and drawing the listener in. Classical music is a genre that demands authenticity and a sonic aesthetic that supports the music

Whether you’re a solo performer, ensemble, or orchestra, let’s work together to create the recording of your dreams. With my technical expertise and attention to detail, you can focus on your performance, knowing that the technical is taken care of and your music is in good hands.

Recording Classical Music for PBS

Working as the sound recordist for Season 3 of “Now Hear This” a part of PBS’s Great Performances series, was an extremely challenging recording scenario requiring simultaneous recording of both dialog and classical music performances from exceptional classical musicians…..all while doing so on location and packing minimally for flight. Check out my work on Season 3 of “Now Hear This”!

Get Started Towards Booking A Recording Session!
Get Started Towards Booking A Recording Session!

Classical Music Recording Process

Pre-Production & Booking

Let’s have a conversation, discuss what you are looking to record, lay out a plan, and book a space to record in; Whether that’s a traditional concert hall, church, commercial recording studio, or someplace else entirely, making a great recording all starts with the recording space.

Load In

All of our equipment is designed for mobility and working efficiently on location. Equipment rolls off the van on a cart and is designed for quick setup, keeping setup times while working on location to a minimum. This gives us more time to focus on capturing the right performances.

Sound Check

Before we start recording, we will do a couple rehearsal passes to make sure each microphone sounds great and levels are dialed in. From here we can make any last minute adjustments to make sure your performance is captured at it’s best!

Music Recording

High quality recordings start at the source, the performer and their instrument, my job is to translate that to the recorded form. Now that the technical is largely done, we hit record, and it’s all about capturing your performance at it’s best.

Editing & Mixing

We can handle the post-production or deliver raw media to you. After the session we can take the best of your performances and edit the files to leave a polished performance. From here we can adjust tonal balance, massage dynamics, add automation, and more in the final mix.

Revisions & Delivery

Once the mixes are most of the way done we will send you files for review. From here we will get specific notes and we will make any revisions necessary. Once you are happy with the recordings, we will hand off the final mixes for delivery.

Get Started Towards Booking A Recording Session!
Get Started Towards Booking A Recording Session!

Classical Music Recording FAQ

How much does it cost to record classical music?

The cost of professionally recorded classical music can range significantly based on factors such as project scale, amount of time spent recording, where the album is recorded, and more. Classical recordings can range from simple stereo pair for archival purposes to full orchestral recordings with spot mics and numerous ambient pairs. As the scale and timeframe changes, so do project budgets. To get an accurate recording cost, contact us, and we’d be happy to give you a custom quote.

Can I record a classical concert?

Absolutely, recording classical concerts are something we specialize in! Whether you are looking for a high end concert recording with isolated channels on each instrument or simply a stereo pair for archival purposes, we are happy to put together a recording package tailored to the needs of your project!

Are classical recordings edited?

Yes and no, it depends! Classical recordings could be a live recording that the performance is unedited, like in the context of a live performance. However it is also possible to edit multiple takes together into a single performance, giving you the perfect “master performance”.

Can you fix mistakes?

Yes, the two most common ways to fix performances mistakes is by editing multiple performances into one (the best option) or by making small timing edits. There are limits to how much you can adjust timing before it starts becoming audible, so editing together multiple performances is a better solution more often than not.

Do you have a recording studio?

Yes & No. I specialize in providing mobile recording studio services, this means i can turn any location suitable for recording into a studio. If we need a dedicated recording studio, I have relationships with several commercial recording studios that I can book anytime. Recording classical music requires more lively acoustics than dedicated studios typically provide, so turning to locations like concert halls, cathedrals, or anywhere else you can dream up into a classical recording studio is the ideal solution.

How quickly can you get me the finished products?

Typically within 24 hours I can give you an export from your recording session. While this won’t be your final mix, it will let you hear what we recorded. Turn around time for final mixed product varies based on my current workload and your project’s timeline. If you have a specific deadline we need to meet, let us know and we can make sure our timeline coincides with yours.

What is location recording?

Location recording is all about going to the space that provides the right acoustic environment for your recordings. This could be for album recordings or live concert recordings. Just because we are recording on location, doesn’t mean we have to make a concession on quality. Using high end location recording equipment, we can bring a full studio experience on location in a mobile recording equipment package.